Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional Management Information Systems support to companies that don't have full-time professionals on staff.

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Safety First!

The internet is NOT a friendly place – every server connected to the Internet will experience scans and other attempts to compromise it on a regular basis – on average of once per hour or more depending on the network segment you’re connected through. Most of these attacks are automated scans looking for common exploits, and many others are worms / viruses / Trojan horses performing automated queries for other servers to infect. Some may be specifically targeted at your server. While ANY server can be successfully attacked by a determined hacker, most attacks are relatively unsophisticated, and can be... Read More

The Fight Against Spam

In the continuing struggle against spam, new tools are always being sought. One relative newcomer is "greylisting" - discussed here. Greylisting capitalizes on how spammers attempt to be efficient in sending spam - by using mail servers that "fire and forget" - these servers send a message to the intended recipient but don't queue a failed delivery and retry later on - they send too many messages for this to be practical. But "normal" mail servers will queue a message and attempt multiple subsequent deliveries of failed messages... Read More